Strategic Partnerships
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Our firm has made an unparalleled commitment to water resources law. With more than 30 years of combined experience, our attorneys bring an array of legal and policy expertise in water resources and land use management.


Water Laws

Smith Partners has published an online journal of water resources law, policy and commentary since 1997.

Committed and effective

We have counseled watershed clients through two generations of watershed planning, have intensive experience in watershed rulemaking, and have been highly successful in watershed litigation. We have been closely engaged in metropolitan and statewide water resources policy initiatives for the past decade. We are frequent speakers at water resources and local government conferences.


Better outcomes through partnerships

We pride ourselves on fostering partnerships with all levels of government – forging effective relationships for our clients that have won national recognition and awards. Our peers in the legal profession consistently have recognized our commitment to excellence and expertise in representing watershed districts and other units of local government.

Trusted counsel

We know that what matters most to our clients is trusted counsel that brings results. We have a long history of working productively within the complex framework of federal, state, regional, municipal and private stakeholders that characterizes watershed management to achieve those results.